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Hi, I’m Chris!

14+ years in product management and product marketing, SaaS, B2B & B2C, OSS. A passionate, lifelong student, and coach. Father, traveler, cook, gravel cyclist.

My ideal mission? It will really help people and reduce our carbon footprint overall.

I’m on GMT+2.


Reach out to me for assistance in finding your market fit, and setting up product strategy and product management practices.

Product Strategy

It all starts with the customers. Who are they? What do they need? Do they even know? Very often, customers express solutions they envision rather than the actual problem they want to solve. You can’t build a vision on that, and definitely can’t build a roadmap.

Also, how much should you price your product? Too low won’t give you enough customer loyalty. Too high and you won’t close deals.

I can assist you with market research, customer surveys (direct contact), and refining your product vision to optimize adoption and retention.

Key achievements:

  • Contributed to building the strategy (product, price, place, promotion) for 7 products, 6 of which are still commercialized after more than 8 years, 1 of which led to an acquisition;
  • Refined and pivoted a product strategy to self-service, including massive rationalization of internal flows;
  • Led the integration of an acquired product, synchronizing visions, teams, and technology.

Product Management

Product Management practices exist for more than 20 years. Still, Product Manager jobs have flourished mostly in the last 5 years, and few companies are actually successful in getting it right.

Don’t be fooled by the big tech companies’ success with “famous” practices. They’re often more of a vow from such companies than an actual accomplishment.

I’m a strong believer in incremental improvements and strong communication. Basically, I’m a proponent of the original agile values and principles.

I can assist you in refining your team collaboration, and coaching Product Managers and engineers so that they can deliver all of their value potentials.

Key achievements:

  • implemented Scrum and Scrum-like collaborations, as well as more pragmatic, lower-scale approaches
  • hired and coached product managers (also from non-product management backgrounds)
  • collaborated with any team: engineering, sales, marketing, customer support, finance, HR, and executives.

Product Marketing

Having the next cutting-edge technology that will set your users free from any burden isn’t just enough.

Getting the messaging right, so that they understand the benefits, and are willing to acquire your product, is just as key as delivering that next feature. Actually, some say you can even start selling a product that doesn’t even exist yet.

From building content to publishing it on all relevant channels and taking part in real-life events, I can assist you in your go-to-market strategies.

Key achievements:

  • built brands from the ground up;
  • wrote a wide variety of content, from websites to blog posts, videos, whitepapers, newsletters, and social media planning;
  • managed events and Open Source communities sponsorships.


Strategic, commercial, marketing, and product/technology partnerships are so many keys to your market. The opportunities are endless.

Through a product mindset, I can assist in dealing with all of a partnership’s aspects.

Key achievements:

  • managed strategic partnerships that brought more than 50% of a company’s revenue;
  • implemented product integrations and follow-up with product marketing;
  • managed a commercial and product partnership that ultimately led to an acquisition.


Reach out and let’s chat!

Christophe is a driven product director, who has a 360 view of his business. He has a lot of ownership and a great deal of experience that help him make informed recommendations on product roadmap priorities that can drive more revenue and customer satisfaction. He is also technical which is important for relevant communication with the engineering team. He is also able to switch contexts and support customers when need be. Christophe is a great fit for an early /mid-stage technology company that needs an experienced product owner.

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