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Continuous Performance Testing: Why you should care

Yesterday, I attended the eZ Conference 2015 in NYC as a speaker.

As the Product guy at, I gave my take on the importance of Continuous Performance Testing.

Even if at first that can be seen as out of my scope of expertise, I strongly believe that Product Managers in general should be directly involved in such topics, value them, and encourage their development teams to invest so time and effort in it.

Here’s the introduction to my talk:

User experience is more than a great user interface. It is tightly linked to how fast a page will load. And frustrated users rarely make good customers. In a market where development teams are always asked to deliver faster, I tie end-user expectations to development best practices.

This is an introduction to performance testing, and a description of how SensioLabs went from building a profiler to selling a performance testing tool – making it possible for everyone to deliver an optimal app performance even in fast paced agile environments.

Reading the slides without the speech around always being less interesting, don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to know more.

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