Product Management

That Podcast – My first steps in the start-up world

I’ve had the honor of being invited to share some of my experiences on

44 episodes so far, on a podcast that feels like a really nice fireside chat. About what? Pretty much everything. Dave and Beau will tell you better. Essentially, that is about geek culture, dad’s life, tech SaaS ventures and all that comes with it.

I’m really glad I’ve been working with Beau since two years now. And we recently realized he didn’t know much about how I started my career at iOpener Media GmbH, and formerly iOpener Media BV. What we wanted to do? Enable gamers from all around the world to race against real race pilots during real races, by using their GPS positioning in real-time and plot them in a game, instead of having AI-driven opponents.

This first venture and experience has been key in getting me to work on product management. Looking back, I learnt the meaning of two words, the hard way: Focus and Vision. And also that it’s not because your tech is brilliant that you’ll become a billionaire.

Listen to the full episode here. And subscribe to That Podcast!

Featured image by Ed Schipul

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