Product Management

“Eat your own dog food” dilemma

Eat your own dog food

Product Managers like that saying.

How do you know that your product is good before you try it? Is that terrible looking gummy pile really tasty for a dog? Will it really make your dog lick his chops, bounce and cuddle?

Obviously, being the first user of your product will make it possible for you to assess its quality. And whether is solves an actual problem, or is simply trying to create a need. Or is useless and buggy.

If no one in your company can actually use your product, benefit from it, and provide feedback, you are facing a serious issue. You will have no clue if “it can work”.

Creator’s dilemma

Some say God created mankind in his own image.

Without being a god, as the creator of a product, you will face the same kind of dilemma. And especially if you eat your own dog food.

Yes, your own use case is valid! Your opinion about colours and shapes make sense! But does that cover those of your customers?

Are you not over-engineering a specific part of your product, just because it will make it beautiful to you, no matter what others think?

You’re not paying for your own product. Oh wait… actually, you’re already paying so much, in blood, sweat and tears, that you should now make sure others are willing to pay for it.

Keep your head up!

Others that may have very different use cases, opinions and needs. Make sure you don’t lose that focus.

Don’t just think you’re headed in the right direction just because you have an expertise in the domain where your product finds an application. Talk to the people who’re ready to buy.

And even if their problems may seem intellectually not-so-emulating, keep in mind they put food on your table at the end of the day.

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