Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been working in Product Management for a few years now, and wanted to share my thoughts about it here. You can view my full resume on LinkedIn, if you’d like to know more.

I believe that Internet businesses need proper Product Management to be successful, and that many might lack of it. Product Management is more than just “Product Ownership” as Agile methods would lead to think. It impacts your whole organization, top-down, left-to-right. It’s the way to make sure that everyone is in line and focuses on the same objectives. It’s the way to make sure that you actually bring a solution to a person’s problems, and that this person will be willing to pay for it.

Where is Product Management.001

Besides, I’m a very happy husband, and father of two. I’m French and American. I’ve lived in France, the Netherlands and Germany. I love movies and video games (even if getting less and less time to play). I’m an archer and a casual golfer.

Note: Venn diagram freely adapted from Martin Eriksson’s work.

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