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Complexity to assess feasability

A recurring joke I hear when teams start using complexity points, and don't fully understand its principles, is their attempts to quantify the stock exchange value of complexity points vs man-hours. Funny, but pointless. Complexity points are part of the Scrum paradigm. Mixing up paradigms is rarely a good idea. Yes Alice, you should follow the white rabbit!
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A Top-Down Approach to Product Design in Agile Environment

Product Design is an engineering process. It is not just about drawing a beautiful user interface, it is about building a solution to a user's need. It is a succession of logical steps in thinking and writing, which I recommend to browse through sequentially. And the best approach to my experience is going top down.

Product Management

The Essence of Product Management

There's one thing that has been rather disturbing at the beginning of my career as a Product Manager. Nobody understands what that means. In France especially, not long ago, job boards used to display "Product Manager" positions which would lead you directly to managing the stock of your local supermarket. Sadly, that is still a… Continue reading The Essence of Product Management