UBI I/O, a great occasion to kick off this blog

I’ve been thinking about writing my own blog for a while, but I never saw an occasion.

To create a blog, you need a reason. Just like when you create a product, or a company. Unless you do it only for your ego. OK, you probably always do it a little for your ego, especially when the blog URL starts with your first name and last name.

Whatever. Today is the day. I’ve got several reasons in the same time to kick off my own personal blog. The main one being that I’ve learned a lot about Product Management in the past years. And even if I still have a lot to learn, I want to start sharing what I know. Or sometimes to share what I don’t know.

The title mentions UBI I/O. What’s that? A Start-up Accelerator Program.

Basically, I’ll be spending 3 weeks over the 10 weeks programmed for Blackfire.io (by SensioLabs) to start-up the business in the US. The planning is packed with trainings, workshops, elevator pitching sessions and business meetings. An awesome way to get started here in San Francisco, close to the Silicon Valley. The place where Internet businesses have shown the greatest and the poorest successes.

Note: Oh yeah, I’ll be writing in English only. After all, I’m American…

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